Hobo Deal #2

Get ×1 beard oil and ×1 beard balm of your choice.
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This perfect blend of sweet orange and coconut is truly a slap on your senses, the easily absorbed oil, aroma and softness will leave your beard with a healthy shine and smelling great throughout your daily routine.

A great fresh oil with hints of lemon and eucalyptus that Conditions your hair leaving it soft and healthy. Combining powerful and effective ingredients that promote hair growth, eliminate irritation and leave you smelling great. The easily absorbed oil will leave your beard looking healthy and vibrant.

Packed with vitamins that Conditions your hair and skin beneath. The Tea Tree Lemon oil is uplifting and stimulating, The Patchouli and lavender purifying and invigorating, finished with cool peppermint undertones. Together they create a natural aroma that could only come from nature itself.

Fresh wood scent with sweet citrus & cool peppermint undertones. Conditions and softens the hair to keep it hydrated and more manageable while stimulating hair follicles, promoting blood circulation and more which are necessary properties for a healthier, faster growing beard.

Patchouli, Lime, Juniperberry and Peppermint.

A sweet, spicy, citrus scent with a musky-earthy aroma, topped off with cool Peppermint undertones. With a luxurious carrier blend and powerful ingredients like Juniper Berry and its ability to fight skin irritations, infection, rash and strong antiseptic qualities and also helps naturally soften hair. The Peppermint helps improve hair growth, prevents dandruff and also promotes a smooth and glowing complexion. The Patchouli providing feelings of relaxation and helps to ease stress or anxiety, with a dash of lime to add a citrus kick.
This amazing oil is a powerhouse but dont take our word for it - see for yourself and try ABHORRENT STRANGER today.

Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lime and Lemon.

A great blend of sweet, woody, resin notes from the sandalwood and frankincense that nourishes your skin and helps strengthen your beard. Frankincense also has natural astringent properties gently tightening the skin cells, keeping your skin youthful. With an added fresh, fruity, zingy punch of lemon and lime that not only smells amazing but can also help reduce anxiety and depression, leaving you feeling relaxed but energised. Together with a blend of carriers that have everything needed to keep you looking and feeling proper dappa! This oil is anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity and refines mature skin, making it truly special.
Time to get low, time to get NADIR.

Cedarwood, Sweet Orange and Lemon.

A deep, earthy-wood aroma with a citrus splash of sweet orange and fresh zingy lemon. The cedarwood adds calming and grounding properties for both the mind and body, with potent anti-inflammatory compounds. Promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss, helps sooth irritation, inflammation, redness and itchiness as well as dryness. With the sweet orange and lemon adding additional benefits, with a high natural vitamin C content, antioxidants and more. What it doesn't do, is count as part of your 5 a day.
Get a bit of REDEMPTION in ya life!

Cedarwood, Cypress, Vetiver and Lime.

A fantastic deep, rich, sweet, woody-earth scent. Contains many ingredients rejuvenating dull and lifeless hair, adding shine and stimulating hair, enhancing circulation and tightening the follicles and stimulating healthy growth. Packed with everything you need to maintain a full face mane. The Vetiver adds a warm smoky aroma, strengthens the roots and gives you all round cushty feels, amongst many other great health benefits and is a great insect repellent. The Cedarwood with its anti-inflammatory compounds helps soothe and calm irritated skin and adds a deep woodsy scent, with notes of fresh Lime and Cypress peaking through.
Get a BLACK HEART today and be buried alive by an abundance of earthly aromas.

A firm balm that nourishes, hydrates and cleanses the hair to make it softer and more manageable while maintaining its shape perfectly and softening the skin underneath. The calming effects of Lavender, fresh Lemon and Eucalyptus will leave you smelling great and feeling relaxed.

A semi-solid balm that moisturizes, nourishes and hydrates the hair to make it softer and more manageable, maintaining its shape and cleansing and conditioning the skin underneath. The sweet orange adds a fresh citrus kick, with a hint of coconut for a nutty warmth and the Tea tree lemon is uplifting with great antiseptic properties.

Hobo Deal #2